Call Trakr – The All-in-One Phone Solution

Call TrackrSometimes when you have an idea and you have a really good hunt around, and find nothing suitable, you just have to go and do it yourself. Which is what we did with Call Trakr.

We wanted a manageable online phone system where we could buy phone numbers, route them to whatever numbers we wished, record calls if and where necessary and, most importantly, use different numbers for different campaigns AND get realtime reporting of the calls.

So, we did want any determined business would do… we just went and built the thing with our telecoms partner. Thus Call Trakr was born! You can read a little more about it on the site, or contact us if you want to find out how it could work for your business. After all, if you really want to know if a particular campaign worked for you… the only way to be sure is to use Call Trakr?

It really is a neat piece of kit.


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