Car Sales Slump… Ouch!

Car Sales Drop 21% in September

Car Sales SlumpSo, it’s happened in September following a pretty miserable August… we get the feeling it’s going to be a long winter with March months away and little evidence that anything will change soon in the marketplace.

At least some of the car manufacturers are trying to slow down production, but even then the gap between the real market and what they would like it to be still seems to be too wide.

So, how can we help?

Well… firstly CarQuake is still open for business. Very much so.  Having launched in September 2006, it has steadily grown to the point that it has become a destination site for many new car buyers. Yes, they are still out there, but are probably more price-conscious than ever. And dealers, yes, franchised dealers are still benefiting from using the easiest way to sell a new car – because customers find it the easiest way to buy – no nonsense, just great deals!

Secondly, Approved Used Cars is here… because when the new market is tough, then the second hand market needs to perform… and here is a site which, at last, will provide all franchised dealers a proper route to market – as it educates the customer fully on all the benefits of buying approved used cars… rather than lumping approved in with ‘trade’ and hoping that no-one will notice (and then charging you through the nose for doing so).

Rumour has it, too, that Approved Used Cars has a free trial on the go… so sign up and give it a go – before the trial expires.

It may be a tough time, but we are genuinely here to help!


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