CarQuake On the Radar?

RadarYou know when you’re starting to make an impression in Internet. It’s more than just a feeling… it’s about contacts coming in more than anything else.

When you first start advertising online… doing a bit of PPC and stuff, you get the calls and emails from small SEO firms and micro-players in online. Trying to sell you a banner here and a sponsorship there… at this end of the scale mention CPM and they run a mile. Some of them even use ‘Hits’…

Then, after a bit you get the second wave, the agencies calling you up… ‘who’s managing this’, ‘did you know that XYZ Plc are doing that?’, or ‘have you considered SMS’, etc. They mostly play on your confidence in yourselves and/or suppliers or, if you’re doing well, try to upsell you into further services.

Finally, you get the bigger ‘guns’. Last week we were called by Hitwise. Nice. CarQuake had entered at number 40 in the entire Automotive sector and they wanted to know where we’d come from. They asked whether we’d heard of them (ho, ho)… yes, but ever since they were bought out, they have become the domain of the rich.

However, it is flattering nonetheless!


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