New Or Used Car: What’s the Best Deal?

Shortages in good quality used car stock will increase demand, raising the value and thereby narrowing the financial benefit of buying a low-mileage used car.

What is the Benefit of Green Motoring?

What is ‘Green’ Motoring? Will it work in the UK industry.

Toyotas Are Reliable – If You Recall?

Recall, Which Recall? When it comes to vehicle recalls Toyota apparently have dominated the headlines in the early part of 2010. What is less apparent is that recalls are far from unusual in the motor industry with manufacturers regularly carrying out recall work on vehicles in the national vehicle parc. Most of these are kept [...]

What Will 2010 Bring For New Car Sales?

In October and November the new car market recorded record year on year rises in New Car sales in the UK. So, we all should be really happy, shouldn’t we? All seems superficially rosy, yet Digital Acumen is predicting a tough year for Franchised Car Dealers in 2010. Here are some good reasons why… The [...]

Motorists to be Hit With VAT Increase on New Cars

Car buyers who don’t order their new cars in the next couple of weeks will be hundreds of pounds worse off as they sleepwalk into the VAT increase. With average delivery times stretching to two months, new cars that are not ordered within weeks are likely to be handed over and paid for after the [...]

Car Scrappage Scheme… The Real Story??

Is It Working? Being at the sharp end of new car sales, we have been watching the unfolding scrappage scheme with interest. The ‘PR’ is that the scrappage scheme is brilliant for all concerned but, from what we can tell, it is hardly that, is tailing off rapidly and both customers and dealers are not [...]

The 5 Biggest Dealer Website Mistakes

As a marketing supplier to a number of franchised car dealers, as well as the operator of the hugely successful new car sales website ‘CarQuake’ – we’ve compiled our ‘top 5′ mistakes that Car Dealers make in their websites. 1. They Focus Too Much on ‘Cheap’ There is a large difference between ‘cheap’ and ‘value’ [...]

Car Sales Slump… Ouch!

Car Sales Drop 21% in September So, it’s happened in September following a pretty miserable August… we get the feeling it’s going to be a long winter with March months away and little evidence that anything will change soon in the marketplace. At least some of the car manufacturers are trying to slow down production, [...]

The Importance of Trust…

If anything the online purchasing experience needs to work harder than anywhere else to generate trust and confidence in the consumer. Particularly when it comes to high ticket items like cars… A recent study by trading standards in January in Warwickshire estimated that 27% of used cars available for sale were unroadworthy. However, that is [...]

Brand Loyalty vs. The Credit Crunch

Although the internet car buying experience is still in its’ infancy, there are some trends that we found useful to share with you – some anecdotal, and some measurable. The Right Experience The internet car buyer is no different to any other online customer. They expect a professional, secure, smooth transaction and some kind of [...]

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