New Car Sales… Something’s Got to Give

It’s no surprise that we watch the new car marketplace carefully, and given this, that we are always interested in the gap between what is reported and what is actually the case. New cars sales seem, on the face of it, to be rising… tell the franchised dealers the great news… or perhaps they know [...]

It’s a Question of Efficiency…

Whilst we have been developing our business, we have worked hard to get dealers covering all online franchises. We have had an ongoing situation where about 2/3rd of dealers get good performance out of their enquiries, whereas the other 1/3rd seem unimpressed. Until recently we could only speculate as to why, however now having more [...]

CarQuake On the Radar?

You know when you’re starting to make an impression in Internet. It’s more than just a feeling… it’s about contacts coming in more than anything else. When you first start advertising online… doing a bit of PPC and stuff, you get the calls and emails from small SEO firms and micro-players in online. Trying to [...]

To Be Sure… To Be Sure

Just thought we’d share with you a little story … so we have a great deal on a New Renault Clio Campus (i.e. a new ‘old shape’ Clio). Customer calls the dealer and gives him a grilling – Are you a franchised dealer? Is this a real car? What’s the catch? etc. Even though the [...]

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