What Will 2010 Bring For New Car Sales?

In October and November the new car market recorded record year on year rises in New Car sales in the UK. So, we all should be really happy, shouldn’t we? All seems superficially rosy, yet Digital Acumen is predicting a tough year for Franchised Car Dealers in 2010. Here are some good reasons why… The [...]

PageRank In the Automotive World…

It’s one of those things that you watch and, whilst it doesn’t mean absolute success or failure, it’s rather like a barometer or a thermometer – it is a measure of popularity. We often get asked ‘how do people find CarQuake’ and whilst we can point them to searches like Best Car Deals, New Cars [...]

Car Sales Slump… Ouch!

Car Sales Drop 21% in September So, it’s happened in September following a pretty miserable August… we get the feeling it’s going to be a long winter with March months away and little evidence that anything will change soon in the marketplace. At least some of the car manufacturers are trying to slow down production, [...]

Help Needed… But Only for Dealers Who Want More Business

+++ STOP PRESS +++ STOP PRESS +++ STOP PRESS +++ STOP PRESS +++ It’s as if someone just flicked a switch… and the lights came on! January has already started off with a real explosion of activity at CarQuake. Someone tell our visitors that the market is wobbly! We need help as we’re still looking [...]

All Set for September?

If you’re a franchised dealer and you’re wondering how you can make an immediate impact to your bottom line, then look no further than CarQuake. Business is already picking up in expectation of the new registration… … get in touch with us here, or through the CarQuake website, and we’ll make sure that you’ve get [...]