Inside the Mind of The Internet Car Buyer

For many car dealers, one of the sea-changes of the last ten years or so is the emergence of the Internet Car Buyer… not just the one who researches online, but the one who goes on to fulfil and complete on a sale, often without visiting the showroom. Of course, it’s been said that there [...]

Why CarQuake Matters – The Story of a Car Purchase…

Though most think that CarQuake is all about the price, something we pride ourselves in is the service offered by our dealers. When we claim that we offer the easiest way to buy a new car, what we mean by this is both a good price AND a good service. Recently, one of our staff [...]

PageRank In the Automotive World…

It’s one of those things that you watch and, whilst it doesn’t mean absolute success or failure, it’s rather like a barometer or a thermometer – it is a measure of popularity. We often get asked ‘how do people find CarQuake’ and whilst we can point them to searches like Best Car Deals, New Cars [...]

The Importance of Trust…

If anything the online purchasing experience needs to work harder than anywhere else to generate trust and confidence in the consumer. Particularly when it comes to high ticket items like cars… A recent study by trading standards in January in Warwickshire estimated that 27% of used cars available for sale were unroadworthy. However, that is [...]

New Car Sales… Something’s Got to Give

It’s no surprise that we watch the new car marketplace carefully, and given this, that we are always interested in the gap between what is reported and what is actually the case. New cars sales seem, on the face of it, to be rising… tell the franchised dealers the great news… or perhaps they know [...]

Which? MotorTrader? Who?

It’s what we’ve been saying for a long time, and something that dealers using CarQuake know already… Customers SAVE MONEY buying online AND they prefer doing so too. Motor Trader on the recent Which? Report Customers save, on average 11% more… They also save their time (and patience) by shopping online for new cars… and [...]

New Nearly New Used Car Marketing

CALLING ALL FRANCHISED CAR DEALERS If you want us to help you manage the end-to-end marketing of your cars online, then contact us today. Soon, we will have services for more than just new factory orders… we’ll be able to also help you sell: New ‘on the way’ ordered cars Physical new cars Nearly new [...]

Call Trakr – The All-in-One Phone Solution

Sometimes when you have an idea and you have a really good hunt around, and find nothing suitable, you just have to go and do it yourself. Which is what we did with Call Trakr. We wanted a manageable online phone system where we could buy phone numbers, route them to whatever numbers we wished, [...]

It’s a Question of Efficiency…

Whilst we have been developing our business, we have worked hard to get dealers covering all online franchises. We have had an ongoing situation where about 2/3rd of dealers get good performance out of their enquiries, whereas the other 1/3rd seem unimpressed. Until recently we could only speculate as to why, however now having more [...]

CarQuake Launches

The first product out of DA Plc stables launched in September 2006, aimed squarely at the online car buyer who wanted a deal, but wanted to talk to the franchised car dealer. You can see the fruits of our labours at … go grab yourself a keenly priced new car!