Inside the Mind of The Internet Car Buyer

digital_acumen_report_coverFor many car dealers, one of the sea-changes of the last ten years or so is the emergence of the Internet Car Buyer… not just the one who researches online, but the one who goes on to fulfil and complete on a sale, often without visiting the showroom.

Of course, it’s been said that there aren’t many buyers like this, but you only have to look at the evidence presented to dealers – both in terms of sales into and out of territory, as well as the growth in numbers of online suppliers – to realise that whilst the overall level of interest in new cars is arguably declining, the online car buyer is on the increase.

With CarQuake at the cutting edge of online car buying: being the UK site with the most efficient means of buying a new car.

We see both ends of the spectrum – from the car buyer who wants a smooth and easy path to a new car to the dealer who wants to take more control over their marketing.

The Path to Profit – for Dealer and Customer

The place where we can see most dealers ‘drop the ball’ is not necessarily in the marketing, but in the sales process. There are two main reasons for this:

  1. Dealerships are not immediately set up for and compatible with distance selling
  2. Dealerships aren’t managing the customers in the right ways to ensure satisfaction

So, in order to help dealers serve customers better – both for their benefit and for the benefit of future buyers – we have prepared a report offering a detailed look at the Internet Car Buyer and how best to serve them and gain additional sales business.

What’s in the Report

In our report, we will offer some detailed research and case-studies on:

  • Why timing is crucial to the sales process
  • What you must say on first contact
  • Quality of enquiry is paramount
  • How to offer the best deal
  • Why part exchange is an opportunity
  • Why efficiency must balance effort

So, if you’re a franchised dealership and you want to take advantage of this exclusive report, then please contact us. And just ask for the ‘Car Buyer Report’ in the message field… and we’ll send you this report and keep you informed of any otherĀ  key developments in the field of Internet Car Buying.



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