It’s a Question of Efficiency…

Flushing Money AwayWhilst we have been developing our business, we have worked hard to get dealers covering all online franchises. We have had an ongoing situation where about 2/3rd of dealers get good performance out of their enquiries, whereas the other 1/3rd seem unimpressed.

Until recently we could only speculate as to why, however now having more than one dealer on the same franchise, we’re confident that we know the answer: simply, it’s to do with the efficiency and professionalism of the dealer in managing the leads.

Observation 1: Customers of performing dealers send unprompted ‘praise’ emails
Observation 2: Customers of underperforming dealers email/call us to chase enquiries
Observation 3: Dealers with distance selling experience are more successful

To this end we have developed a service that helps dealers boost their ability to generate sales: we audit dealers to identify shortfalls in service quality, and then provide key advice and strategies for them to develop their online marketplace.

In our experience, it’s all about value and delivery. If the dealer knows the offer is good, then it is still up to them to convince the customer that they’re the right supplier.


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