All Set for September?

Take the Chequered FlagIf you’re a franchised dealer and you’re wondering how you can make an immediate impact to your bottom line, then look no further than CarQuake. Business is already picking up in expectation of the new registration…

… get in touch with us here, or through the CarQuake website, and we’ll make sure that you’ve get a strong finish to Quarter 3!

It's a Question of Efficiency…

Flushing Money AwayWhilst we have been developing our business, we have worked hard to get dealers covering all online franchises. We have had an ongoing situation where about 2/3rd of dealers get good performance out of their enquiries, whereas the other 1/3rd seem unimpressed.

Until recently we could only speculate as to why, however now having more than one dealer on the same franchise, we’re confident that we know the answer: simply, it’s to do with the efficiency and professionalism of the dealer in managing the leads.

Observation 1: Customers of performing dealers send unprompted ‘praise’ emails
Observation 2: Customers of underperforming dealers email/call us to chase enquiries
Observation 3: Dealers with distance selling experience are more successful

To this end we have developed a service that helps dealers boost their ability to generate sales: we audit dealers to identify shortfalls in service quality, and then provide key advice and strategies for them to develop their online marketplace.

In our experience, it’s all about value and delivery. If the dealer knows the offer is good, then it is still up to them to convince the customer that they’re the right supplier.

CarQuake On the Radar?

RadarYou know when you’re starting to make an impression in Internet. It’s more than just a feeling… it’s about contacts coming in more than anything else.

When you first start advertising online… doing a bit of PPC and stuff, you get the calls and emails from small SEO firms and micro-players in online. Trying to sell you a banner here and a sponsorship there… at this end of the scale mention CPM and they run a mile. Some of them even use ‘Hits’…

Then, after a bit you get the second wave, the agencies calling you up… ‘who’s managing this’, ‘did you know that XYZ Plc are doing that?’, or ‘have you considered SMS’, etc. They mostly play on your confidence in yourselves and/or suppliers or, if you’re doing well, try to upsell you into further services.

Finally, you get the bigger ‘guns’. Last week we were called by Hitwise. Nice. CarQuake had entered at number 40 in the entire Automotive sector and they wanted to know where we’d come from. They asked whether we’d heard of them (ho, ho)… yes, but ever since they were bought out, they have become the domain of the rich.

However, it is flattering nonetheless!

To Be Sure… To Be Sure

Clio Campus

Just thought we’d share with you a little story … so we have a great deal on a New Renault Clio Campus (i.e. a new ‘old shape’ Clio).

Customer calls the dealer and gives him a grilling – Are you a franchised dealer? Is this a real car? What’s the catch? etc. Even though the dealer is a straightforward and very professional franchised dealer the customer still isn’t sure.

So Saturday comes, he drives a 4 hour round trip to and from the dealers’ showroom to put his deposit down. He did get the car… but just had to be sure!

Press Release: Really New Cars…

Really New Cars at ‘Nearly New’ Prices
The ‘nearly new’ tag, coined by the motor trade to encourage new car buyers to choose something that isn’t a new car, is one of the most abused terms in the industry, because these cars aren’t ‘nearly new’, they’re used.

CarQuake (, a new automotive website, launched in late 2006, has deliberately taken the view that if people are paying good money, then they want a really new car from a UK Franchised Dealer.

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Press Release: Earth Shattering Growth

New Car Deals Site Records Earth Shattering Growth
CarQuake, a new car deals website, launched in the last few months of 2006 is bucking the trend of the new car marketplace by posting the fourth month in a row of continuous growth in business.

When most dealers and car businesses are battening down the hatches and wishing the year to be over, and even looking ahead to March for the next proper pay day, CarQuake is going from strength to strength.

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Press Release: Unreal Deals

When Is a Deal Not a Real Deal?
CarQuake ( is a new car deals website with a difference: it encourages UK franchised dealers to advertise their best prices direct to the consumer offering the most efficient route to buying a new car.

But that’s not all… it has a very important further difference: the prices offered on the website are REALLY new cars. This may seem obvious, but deliberate confusion is rife in the marketplace where prices advertised as ‘new’ cars are not all they seem to be.

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CarQuake Launches

CarQuake Logo

The first product out of DA Plc stables launched in September 2006, aimed squarely at the online car buyer who wanted a deal, but wanted to talk to the franchised car dealer. You can see the fruits of our labours at … go grab yourself a keenly priced new car!

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