Press Release: Earth Shattering Growth

New Car Deals Site Records Earth Shattering Growth
CarQuake, a new car deals website, launched in the last few months of 2006 is bucking the trend of the new car marketplace by posting the fourth month in a row of continuous growth in business.

When most dealers and car businesses are battening down the hatches and wishing the year to be over, and even looking ahead to March for the next proper pay day, CarQuake is going from strength to strength.

The stats of the website tell their own story:
• Month-on-month growth in visitors to the website is running at 20%
• Month-on-month dealer recruitment is growing at 30% per month
• Month-on-month sales to new car dealers is growing at 35% per month

“Every year dealers have to face the fact that the last quarter of the year can be particularly disappointing for new car sales. March always looks a long way off” said Tim Wait, Director and Co-Founder of CarQuake.

“And, yet, CarQuake is bucking the trend and growing rapidly in this period” he continued, “we’re proving that there are new car buyers out there, and they’re attracted to our no-nonsense approach to new cars. The customer expects a great deal – and that’s exactly what they get with CarQuake: the easiest way to buy a new car at a great price!”

“We hoped that CarQuake would appeal to the new car buyer, and we haven’t been disappointed. Customers are getting fantastic deals on new cars (up to 33% discount). Dealers speak to real buyers and avoid being dictated to by brokers, so they’re happy too. We’re proud of our performance since our launch in September and are truly looking forward to next year.”

So, for all those people out there thinking of a new car in 2007, a tip – keep a close eye on CarQuake… because that’s where the new car buyers seem to be heading, and that’s where the best deals direct from franchised dealers can be found. You don’t have to wait ‘til March either, there are great deals on CarQuake right now.

Stop Press… ALL prices on CarQuake are for NEW CARS, from UK DEALERS, TO ORDER and at STAGGERING DISCOUNTS. With no nonsense!


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