Press Release: Unreal Deals

When Is a Deal Not a Real Deal?
CarQuake ( is a new car deals website with a difference: it encourages UK franchised dealers to advertise their best prices direct to the consumer offering the most efficient route to buying a new car.

But that’s not all… it has a very important further difference: the prices offered on the website are REALLY new cars. This may seem obvious, but deliberate confusion is rife in the marketplace where prices advertised as ‘new’ cars are not all they seem to be.

Competition is so fierce that often online brokers and car supermarkets promise new cars which are anything but new: they are already registered, are ex-demonstrators, are sold as fleet (so the buyer becomes the second owner of the vehicle) or are only available in certain colours. Yet, these businesses use misleading discounts and marketing messages to deliberately draw buyers in with the express aim to sell them a used car.

“The thing is – it still affects our credibility” said John Braithwaite, Director and Co-Founder of CarQuake, “you wouldn’t believe how many enquirers still ask if our cars are imports, or if they are really new cars, or what the cost of registration is. They’re expecting to be disappointed, even though, throughout the CarQuake site, we only talk about new cars direct from the franchised dealer, and stress that our prices include all charges to the customer – fuel, delivery, tax, everything.”

“I guess it’s because they look at our new car prices and can’t believe that they are real,” he continued, “but they are, and the reason why we have the prices we do is because we cut out middlemen. We put customers directly in touch with the franchised dealer and allow them to sort the rest out. All new cars come from dealers… so why interfere in the process?”

It’s this kind of irresistible logic which has contributed to the early successes of the CarQuake website. Browsing round the website, it’s clear that this is one website which won’t compromise when it comes to finding the best deals.


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