Sell New Cars – In This Market?

As the Operators of CarQuake… We Know You Can!

The chances are you’ve tried ‘the Internet’ as a driver for more business. Perhaps you’ve written it off, or perhaps you’re doing well out of it. Either way, as a franchised car dealer, you almost certainly haven’t seen any website that will work harder for you than CarQuake.

OK – You Want to Stop Us There… You’ve Heard That Before

… So, let us challenge you… name another site which will do this for you for new cars:

  • New car advertising straight to the online buyer- A direct conversation with the customer with no interference
  • An online deal modelling tool which can tackle the most difficult discount structures
  • The ability to list specific new cars
  • The ability to list specific pre-registered cars (which can be described as such)
  • The ability to list late used stock (including demonstrators)
  • The ability to offer finance deals which are both accurate and FSA compliant
  • The ability to take enquiries on a geographic basis
  • Offers inbound phone calls as well as email leads
  • Display advertising which can be targeted by make, model, bodystyle and type… for your own brand, or against competitor brands and models

If such a website exists, we haven’t found it as yet. Perhaps that’s why CarQuake is becoming the new cars website of choice for the online customer?

Impressive, But You May Wonder Whether We Have the Customers?

We have over 1,000,000 reasons every month to say YES… This is the number of pages viewed on our website every month. Our homepage is PageRank 6 – the same as Autotrader. We drive car sales to dealers every day of the month and this is growing, even in today’s market.

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes… would you prefer to:
a) Deal with a third party who will take a deposit off you and then transfer your enquiry to a dealer, or
b) Fill in a form without a clear offer to act on or acknowledgement of where the enquiry will end up, or
c) See all the details up front to make an informed decision and deal with the supplying franchised dealer

It really is as simple as a, b, c.

How about this (one of hundreds of quotes from CarQuake customers):
“I had a call from the dealer within the hour. He was the complete opposite of other dealer experiences – keen, enthusiastic, helpful. Thank you.”
Mr D Brierley. West Sussex

Oh – And If You’ve Got One of Those ‘Difficult’ Franchises…
We can still help you build your business. We can find leads which you can legitimately maintain are close enough to your territory to be your customers, and then equip you to trade with them direct. Not difficult at all, and because of the nature of your franchise, then there’s less online competition in any case.

And, We Only Get Paid if We Perform For You!
Our cost per lead model is proven to work for you – because we are measured by our effectiveness for you. You can be absolutely on top of your spend and results from that spend. It works for us, because we have a target to aim at for you.


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