The Importance of Trust…

If anything the online purchasing experience needs to work harder than anywhere else to generate trust and confidence in the consumer. Particularly when it comes to high ticket items like cars…

A recent study by trading standards in January in Warwickshire estimated that 27% of used cars available for sale were unroadworthy.

However, that is nothing compared to a Hertfordshire report in June… five in eight used cars sold were unsafe.

And, yet, these were cars available on traders’ forecourts. Not online, but in a place where it was expected that they would have been properly checked.

So, What do we Think is Driving This?

On reflection, there are two elements we believe drive this:

  1. Traders see low priced used cars as unworthy of proper scrutiny because there’s not much margin in them – so they take cars on spec and hope to shift them with minimum effort
  2. The squeeze on the consumers’ pocket is also affecting what a car can be priced at, lowering margins and again taking profit out of the car

What’s the Solution?

It is our view that the benefits of buying Approved Used Cars as opposed to purchasing from Traders is the only way in which a customer can have confidence in their purchase – both in terms of the way in which the car has been checked and prepared as well as the backup of the manufacturer when things go wrong.

Sure they cost a little more, but they’ll last far beyond the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on car bought privately or through traders. Trust and quality go hand in hand!


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