Which? MotorTrader? Who?

It’s what we’ve been saying for a long time, and something that dealers using CarQuake know already… Customers SAVE MONEY buying online AND they prefer doing so too.

Motor Trader on the recent Which? Report

Customers save, on average 11% more… They also save their time (and patience) by shopping online for new cars… and Dealers come out poorly. In the most part, they are forced to tow the corporate line, and then they get slammed on customer satisfaction for trying to ‘do the job’ (i.e. not discounting cars).

The reality is that customers don’t like brokers, they’d prefer to deal with dealers who are up-front about their price offers and don’t engage in gamesmanship. These customers are easy to manage and transact with… and, guess what, they’re flocking to the only legitimate online new car sales website – CarQuake. Which is why CarQuake customers also give really good customer satisfaction ratings on CarQuake deals.

It’s obvious, really. Dealers who know what customers really want, use CarQuake. The rest all discount to similar levels, but prefer to be at the mercy of opportunists in the marketplace.

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